03 July 2012

[Press] Marisa and Bryan Published on Weddingstar!

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03 May 2012

Photographer Favorite: True Photojournalism

Last weekend I took this photo of a bride praying in a secluded area of the church before walking down the aisle.  I was also praying...that she didn't notice me behind the little window of the door. Interest in photography has skyrocketed over the past few years because of  all the inventive, affordable cameras and image capturing devices available.  One result of this has been a keener awareness of photographers.  Brides, grooms, and guests, seem to notice me despite my attempts to be a stealth, ninja photojournalist.  Which is why I am very excited to catch moments like this that are totally unstaged and real.

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12 April 2012

{Boudoir} Femme Fatal

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